Julia Ireland

Julia Ireland (julia@speakforth.com)

Founder, President, and principal instructor of SpeakForth Inc., I have been training
in the field of communication skills for 26 years. I designed my unique program to provide the type of training I initially sought for herself.

Communication did not come naturally to me. As a college graduate, I could not move forward in my career, my community, or my everyday life without developing these skills, and having the confidence in the value of my thoughts and ideas. The SpeakForth process is based on my personal experience and everything I have learned along the way. I've dedicated my life to this challenging work, and I want to share the power of communication with you.

SpeakForth Inc.

Tel: 516-609-8430


"Thank you for a terrific five weeks. You are a gifted teacher: you kept a room full of demanding people interested, involved, and engaged for almost three hours at a time—not a small feat!"

Dorothy A. Hutcheson, Head of School
The Nightingale Bamford School