Our Approach

What sets us apart from our competitors is our personalized approach to instruction. Based on an in-depth skills assessment with the participant and the sponsor, we custom design every program and every individual coaching session. We are all unique and so is our training.

We coach each of our clients to build on their own personal strengths and style. We challenge them to address their limitations, and explore new tools and techniques for their delivery. Through this work they develop a better awareness of their abilities as communicators, and strengthen their skills to enhance the impact they make on others. At the end of the session they leave with a more confident, engaging presence, as well as an eagerness to speak, lead and communicate in a variety of situations.

We believe that the training should be both challenging and fun for our participants. Knowing that many dislike the experience of speaking in public, we work to ensure our clients enjoy the process of improving and enhancing their skills.

"After seeing you in action, I don't feel like such a great communicator; you are a level above all of us. You did a super job at our Task Force meeting and helped send our team 'out into the field' with a renewed confidence."

Dan Knise, Sr. Vice President
Marsh USA