Private Coaching

We provide one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to the individual's personal and professional goals and level of expertise. Each program is unique to the participant and his or her specific needs.

Group Seminars

Corporate Programs are custom-designed to address specific company objectives at all levels.

Private Groups are custom-designed to address the objectives of the participants and the sponsoring individual or organization.

Our interactive approach identifies and builds on the inherent strengths of group members. Our seminar provides an in-depth awareness of different aspects of communication, perspective on themselves as communicators, and the opportunity to:

Through participation, group interaction, and personal coaching, participants develop confidence, effectiveness and facility as speakers.

All seminars include a reference workbook, a private consultation, and personal DVD.

Group seminars can be conducted in whatever time frame is convenient for the parties involved. Proposed formats:

"Thank you for an outstanding communications program at the Sales Leadership School. Your segment of the program was universally enjoyed and appreciated by everyone of us. Each phase and element helped me greatly and I am much more confident now than before and conscious of how to develop the strengths I didn't know I had!"

John N. Park, Jr.
Marsh USA