Julia Ireland

Julia Ireland (

Founder, President, and principal instructor of SpeakForth Inc. Julia has been training
in the field of communication skills for twenty six years. She designed her unique communication skills program to provide the type of training she initially sought for herself.

An accomplished radio and television spokesperson, Julia initially took public speaking training in order to gain more confidence and skill in all communications situations. She became an instructor to help others enhance their skills and find the empowerment and enjoyment she attained through her experience. As a public speaker and a spokesperson, she keeps her classes relevant and exciting, and is genuinely empathic as an instructor, continually demonstrating what she asks and coaches her clients to do.


" in class...easy to work with, totally flexible, a real pro, been in business for a long time, no canned approach, everything bespoke."

Alexander P. Lynch
Chairman, North American Mergers & Acquisitions
J.P. Morgan Securities Inc.