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How We Do It

We develop an in depth understanding of you, your goals, and your organization.

It’s Personal

We build on your strengths and give you the tools and techniques to overcome your challenges.

It’s Purposeful

We coach you through a simple, streamlined process to accomplish your goals and enhance the impact you make.

It’s Proven

Our clients see and feel the impact of confident communication in every aspect of their lives.

It’s Powerful

You will be eager to embrace your next opportunity to speak and lead.

Our Clients

We’re committed to our clients from start to finish.
Consider us your business partner.

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Founder and President
Julia Ireland

As Founder and President of SpeakForth, Inc., I have been training in the field of communication skills for 26 years. I designed my program to provide the personalized training I initially sought for myself.

Communication did not come naturally to me. As a college graduate, I could not move forward in my career, my community, or my everyday life without developing these skills and gaining confidence in the value of my thoughts and ideas. The SpeakForth process is based on my personal experience and everything I have learned along the way.

I’ve dedicated my life to this rewarding work and I want to share the power and ease of confident communication with you.